Eisenmann [NGK] – Electrical installation PTC2

Project description

NGK7 was an Eisenmann project that involved the construction in Gliwice, Poland, of a new heat treatment plant for ceramic filters used in automobiles at the car exhaust gas system. During the project, Eltrex performed the electrical automation installations for production line consisting of a gas kiln and the related conveyors – the transport mechanism of the raw material.

The process part of this project was composed of:

• 1 gas heating kiln – which consisted of approximately 90 groups of burners and 30 electrical fans for recirculating the air inside it.
• Emissions treatment plant (RTO + DeNox), where a series of filtration equipment were wired and connected.

The process part consisted of 9 automation and power cabinets for supply and control of the electrical motors of the fans.

The conveyor part of this process was composed of 2 conveyor lines, one inside the kiln and one outside of it. The transport of the raw material and the finished product was done with approximately 40 electrical motors and 4 elevators.

The conveyor part had 3 automation cabinets.

To complete this project it was used about 120000 meters of cable sections of the conductors between 0.25 mm² and 50 mm² , including optical fiber, profinet and NiCrNi. These cables were used to connect:

• Electrical motors, both in the process part (fans) and in the conveyor part (motors that engage the movement mechanism of the conveyors)
• Burners for gas kilns
• Devices that control the technological process (differential pressure switches, thermocouples, pressure sensors, ventilation systems flaps, solenoid valves that control the flow of air and gas – in the combustion process)
• Sensors for monitoring the technological process
• Proximity sensors that minimize the probability of accidents during production

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