Warehouse and laboratories for the pharmaceutical industry Timisoara – 30000 m²

Project description

The total built area is over 30000 m² and includes a regional distribution center, a research and development center and scientific services, an administrative center and a new perfusion solution factory.
The Eltrex team carried out the technical and detailed project and executed the following installations:

• Electricity distribution for the 8 buildings – MV and LV
• Normal and safety lighting installation (inside and outside) – over 2000 lamps
• Electrical lighting installations and sockets for clean rooms
• Indoor distribution installations – sockets and power installations
• Backup power sources – generator set 1100 kVA and 6xUPS (10 – 120 KVA)
• Earthing system, equipotential bonding and lightning protection system

The power supply of the building complex was divided into 3 areas. Each area is supplied with medium voltage, creating a closed loop. The power of the transformers for the three zones is: 1600 kVA + 1000 kVA + 2500 kVA.

For the inside lighting installation of the buildings, the possibility of adjusting the lighting level was provided. Therefore, the luminaires have been equipped with DALI drivers to allow the light to be adjusted according to the needs from the BMS system. For outdoor lighting, over 50 lighting poles and over 20 projectors mounted on buildings were installed.

Regarding the distribution of electricity for buildings, this was done through 48 secondary switchboards that have as source 3 x MDB powered by encapsulated bar sections of 2500 A, 1600 A, 4000 A.

To supply the fire pumps and to support the safety installations and other installations supplied from the UPS, an 1100 kVA generator set was installed, which automatically comes into operation in case of a power failure, and when the mains voltage returns, the system automatically switches to the network, after which it stops the generator set.

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