Cornu Boulangerie – Production hall line 52

Project description


 Low voltage electrical installations:

• Earthing system
• Lightning protection system
• Lighting installations
• Sockets
• Equipment supply (dock gates, air conditioning installations, heating installations, etc.)
• Production hall – power installation
• Pump house – power and control installation
• Outside lighting installations

Electrical panels

• Power station electrical panels
• Signal and control electrical panels

Low currents electrical installations voice-data:

  • • realization of the voice-data installation – internal network of the storage platform – optical fiber, IT cabinets, IT network

Fire alarm system:

• Schrack Seconet fire detection and alarm system
• Production hall – smoke and temperature detection system, capacitive wire detection system, detection system with linear smoke detectors in the technical space
• Offices – smoke detection system based on addressable optical detectors

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