Eisenmann [NGK] – Enpol

Project description

Eltrex realized both components of the project: the process part consisting of 6 electrical panels and the conveyor part which included 8 electrical panels. To complete this project were used 80000 m of cables with conductor sections between 0.25 mm and 150 mm, including profinet and optical fiber, used to connect:

• Resistors for heating electric kilns
• Electrical motors, both in the process part (fans) and in the conveyor part (motors that engage the movement mechanism of the conveyors)
• Burners for gas kilns
• Devices that control the technological process (differential pressure switches, thermocouples, pressure sensors, ventilation systems flaps, solenoid valves that control the flow of air and gas – in the combustion process)
• Sensors for monitoring the technological process
• Proximity sensors that minimize the probability of accidents during production

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