The health of our colleagues and the protection of our customers, a priority in Eltrex

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, our main concern has been the health of our colleagues.

The activity in Eltrex is mixed, as in most companies of this profile: where possible, the activity has been posted online: support department jobs, project preparation, meetings, recruitment.

And, because people feel the need to interact, communicate easily, work in a team and have a framework in which they can exchange ideas, we try to offer them support and technical solutions to reduce the distance.

If it is necessary the presence of colleagues at the company or in construction sites, we take measures to keep the virus as far away as possible – distance, temperature scanning, disinfection, limited access in certain areas, the obligation to wear masks/protective gloves, and where we believe there is a higher risk of infection, we use rapid COVID tests to limit its spread.

The management team periodically analyzes the situation in the company in order to establish the necessary measures, but also the legislation, in order to overcome this period as well as possible. It is more important than ever to inform and protect our colleagues, but also empathy, both personal and professional.