A new design and build project for the German industry

The return of Eltrex to the foreign market is one of our strategies to adapt to the new market conditions.

In this regard, we started a new project for a German customer, AFOTEK Anlagen für Oberflächentechnik GmbH (link).

The project involves:

  • Design of electrical panels using EPlan, respecting the standards of our clients, for:
    • 3 pre-treatment areas – Vorbehandlungsanlage (VBH)
    • 1 drying area – Haftwassertrockner (HWT)
    • 1 kiln – Pulvereinbrennofen (PEO)
    • Conveyor system
    • AHU (air handling unit), boilers, etc.
  • Execution of the electrical panel in our workshop in Romania
  • Purchase and delivery of materials in Germany
  • Electrical installation on site
  • Assistance for IO check and start of production