Agasi – Continental AP – Redevelopment of sorting – palletizing line H4

Project description

Scope of work: build metal platforms for new equipment and the related electrical installations:

  • Power installations, electrical energy distribution installations, protection installations, lighting installations, sockets
  • Low currents electrical installations – fire detection and alarm system

Design and execution of electrical panels, installation on site, software

  • Design of electrical panels using Eplan P8, according to the standards of our clients, for:
    • Electrical installations for two production halls (980 lighting fixtures for permanent lighting and non-permanent lighting with DALI system, 40 socket groups, power supply for 4 machine control panels, power supply for UPS, etc.)
    • Eaton ZB-S – Central battery emergency lighting system and related electrical installations
    • HVAC system (4 AHUs with cooling system – fresh air supply or air recirculation, 1 cooling station with 1 chiller 930 kW, 3 pumping units, 1 cooling water tower and 1 water softener station, 1 heating unit with 2 boilers type Viessmann
  • Execution of electrical panels and automation cabinets
  • Purchase and delivery of materials and carry out of electrical installations
  • I/O check, software addressing for DALI lights and commissioning
  • Local automation of 4 AHUs, cooling station and centralized control of lighting from a local HMI
  • Integration of all systems in BMS