Continental AP – Freecooling Extrusion Lines

Project description

The project consisted of performing a new energy efficient installation, which provides cold water for 7 tire extrusion lines. 

Stages of the work:  

  1. Construction of a metal platform above the production hall 
  1. Installation of 1 chiller with a cooling capacity of 910 kW and a cooling tower for summer. In the winter season the cooling of the water – which goes to machines is made in Freecooling system, using only the cooling tower 
  1. Design, assembly, testing and commissioning of 1 power and automation cabinet for the control of chiller, cooling tower and 2 pumping groups (1 group between chiller and cooling tower and 1 group between chiller and machines). At the same time, we realized 7 secondary control cabinets, one for each extrusion line. They monitor and adjust the temperature of the water on the production line, by control of 3-way valves, which allows the cold water from the chiller/tower to pass through extruder machine’s heat exchanger 
  1. Software development for automation of installation, BMS integration