Kilns retrofit

Recently we completed the modernization of 12 gas kilns for heat treatment of brake pads for a customer in the automotive industry. The work consisted in the design and execution of automation cabinets, installation on site and development of software.

The old automation was based on a simple system with a dedicated temperature controller.

The new automation, designed by our engineers, is based on a Siemens 1512SP F-1 PN PLC, KTP700 Basic HMI. To limit the temperature to a safety level, dedicated safety modules from Martens were used. The safety software is integrated in the PLC. The working temperature is 230°C.

The following stages of development have been completed:

  • Design
  • Execution of electrical panels
  • Software development
  • Concept presentation on Teams to the client
  • Modifications according to its requirements
  • Disassembly of the old panel
  • Mounting the new panel
  • I/O check
  • Starting equipment and testing safety functions (shutdown tests)
  • Starting burner
  • Calibration depending on the setting until the desired parameters are obtained
  • Testing with the quality department from the client
  • Introduction to production