Electrical installations for conveyors – Logistic center for postal service provider

Project description

Electrical installations for a new conveyor system, at a distribution hub of the Austrian Post.

The project included:

  • Installation of 2 electrical panels for power supply and control of the conveyor system: one of them with the function of controlling the incoming part of the packages and and the other one with the function of controlling the supply of packages
  • Installation of 4 electrical panels, that supply and control the diverters which are used for the distribution of packages on the various conveyor systems
  • Installation, connecting and testing the optical and inductive sensor system
  • Installation, connecting and testing motors for conveyors, elevators and diverters.
  • Setting up the Profinet communication network

Finally, our team provided commissioning assistance for the company that realized the automation.

Services: On site installation, commissioning

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