Logistics – Indoor and outdoor electrical installations hall D

Detail design, assembly, testing and commissioning, staff training, “As Built” documentation MDB manufacturing and installation: 1600 A, Isc = 25 kA, 1 x 1250 A output, 3 xi 100 A outputs, 2 x 250 A outputs, automatic source changeover system Secondary switchboards – production and installation: 3 switchboards for offices, 6 secondary switchboards for the […]

Power distribution boards Continental AR Timisoara

Production of 35 electrical panels for Continental AR, the 6 MDBs of them being the most important. Assembly, mounting, testing and commissioning for 6 x MDBs: Prisma P and Schneider switchgears Feeders; 2500 kVA electrical transformer Copper busbar system 4000 A and 65 kA, TN-C input, TN-C outputs The outputs are on circuit breakers type […]

Continental AP – Installation the new RTO

Continental Automotive Timisoara has invested in a new project meant to neutralize the emissions from the rubber mixing zone of its tire factory in Timisoara. The new equipment is called RTO – Regenerative Thermal Oxidation and destroys volatile organic compounds (molecules responsible for most odors) that appear in the production process, by oxidizing them at high […]

ONEJOON – Kiln for manufacturing Ceramic blocks – Belgium

The project consisted in mounting and commissioning of the electrical installation for automation of a new electrical kiln type “pusher kiln” and the related conveyor system, for the most important manufacturer of ceramic blocks in the world.  1 kiln 49 m lenght consisting of 1 pre-heating area, 14 heating areas and 1 cooling zone 1 hydraulic […]

Upgrading of M137 machines

The work consisted of: Production of 3 automation panels Installation on site and wiring of field elements Commissioning assistance

Continental AP – Freecooling Extrusion Lines

The project consisted of performing a new energy efficient installation, which provides cold water for 7 tire extrusion lines.  Stages of the work:   Construction of a metal platform above the production hall  Installation of 1 chiller with a cooling capacity of 910 kW and a cooling tower for summer. In the winter season the cooling of the water – which goes to machines is […]

Pre-treatment line and industrial kilns

Design and execution of electrical panels, installation on site  Design of electrical panels using Eplan P8, according to the standards of our clients, for:    3 pre-treatment areas – Vorbehandlungsanlage (VBH)   1 drying area – Haftwassertrockner (HWT)   1 kiln – Pulvereinbrennofen (PEO)   Conveyor system   AHU (air handling unit), boilers, etc.   Production of the electrical panel in our workshop in Romania   Purchase and delivery of materials in Germany  […]

Agasi – Continental AP – Redevelopment of sorting – palletizing line H4

Scope of work: build metal platforms for new equipment and the related electrical installations: Power installations, electrical energy distribution installations, protection installations, lighting installations, sockets Low currents electrical installations – fire detection and alarm system Design and execution of electrical panels, installation on site, software Design of electrical panels using Eplan P8, according to the […]