We offer our customers complex and complete automation solutions for industrial processes, SCADA systems and information systems. We rely on the expertise gained in 20 years of activity, on a team of young and dedicated engineers and on the support provided by first-hand suppliers in this field. We have successfully developed new projects as well as those that imply the modernization of existing production capacities.

Our 20 years experience in development, implementation and integration of industrial automation works, together with the company’s quality certifications, the equipment and technologies used in the implementation of solutions, are our advantages and generate added value to our customers.

Moreover, in an ever-changing field, both in terms of legal regulations and technology, Eltrex comes with a team of professionals, flexible, open to innovation and improvement, to meet the industry challenges and to remain in the top of the companies in Romania within this activity domain.

We provide a full range of services

  • Design for electrical systems, automation, software and security
  • We provide equipment for general, distribution, automation and communications switchboards
  • Delivery and implementation of electrical and automation equipment
  • Making cable routes, connecting to switchboards, testing, labeling
  • Software development – PLC, HMI, SCADA
  • Try-out, tests and measurements according to norms; bulletins issue, certificates of conformity and certificates of guarantee
  • Commissioning or commissioning assistance
  • Training of operating staff; manuals for use and maintenance
  • Service and maintenance during warranty and post-warranty

Design, software development, commissioning and maintenance

Our project portfolio includes complex automation systems for the optimal operation of production lines. Automation of production lines increases productivity, competitiveness, eliminates human error and helps reduce costs.

Industrial production processes face increasingly complex requirements in terms of process optimization, machine implementation and regulations. This has a particular impact on process automation.

To provide optimal services to our customers, we use advanced tools and equipment that have been tried and tested in practice.

Moreover, we also develop high level systems, which allow the transfer of data in the enterprise computer system and can communicate with other processes, this being one of the important steps for the implementation of the “industry 4.0” concept.

We implement complete automation solutions for the control and monitoring of industrial production processes. We focus on the particular requirements of our customers and offer global solutions, well-founded both technically and economically.

We automate production processes in a variety of industries, using the most advanced process control systems or SCADA solutions available.

Data from automated systems can be transferred to the company’s IT system and can communicate with other processes, this being one of the important steps for implementing the “industry 4.0” concept.

We design, execute, supply and put into operation automation installations for heat treatment furnaces used in the construction materials industry, the ceramic industry or other heat treatments at high temperatures.

The ovens have a continuous operating regime, so it is very important to have a safe operation and to be able to adjust the temperature and atmosphere inside to the required technological parameters. Also, the automation equipment provided by us ensures the protection of furnaces in emergency situations and the protection of the environment by controlling the gases released into the atmosphere.

The automation panels we design and execute perform a variety of functions:

– automatic temperature regulation
– automatic ignition and flame monitoring sequences
– automatic switch from pilot flame to main burner flame and vice versa
– optical signalling of the normal operating state
– optical and acoustic signalling of emergency and alarm states
– recording the evolution of temperatures
– major importance remote transmission signals from the furnace

We offer complete design, execution, commissioning and maintenance services for BMS systems. As we have over 15 years of experience within this field, our portfolio includes large-scale projects in which we have integrated both the HVAC part and the energy consumption monitoring system.

Eltrex has a vast experience in the industrial automation domain, carrying out a significant number of reference projects for important customers in various industrial fields.

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