Extension St3 Pirelli 2 and St2 Pirelli 1 2020-06-01T14:07:12+00:00
L52, Production line hall 52 + water treatment plant + ALA 2020-06-01T14:08:53+00:00
HVAC Cutting, Calandering, Extruder – General Entrepreneurship 2020-06-01T14:09:54+00:00
IE and BMS MESSDAS Hall 7 2020-06-01T14:10:33+00:00
Electrical installations for pharmaceutical industry 2020-06-01T14:11:26+00:00
Electrical installations for pharmaceutical industry 2020-06-01T14:12:37+00:00
Electrical installations – Prospero Hall 2020-06-01T14:14:55+00:00
ST9 distribution electrical installations 2020-06-01T14:17:24+00:00
Electrical installations + HVAC Mahle Laboratory 2020-06-01T14:18:16+00:00
Electrical installations + HVAC Mahle Laboratory 2020-06-01T14:23:07+00:00
M137 and LT160 machines installation 2020-06-01T14:25:20+00:00
ST3 and ST2 Station Extension 2020-06-01T14:26:16+00:00
FM Logistic Dudești Phase 3 2020-06-01T14:27:04+00:00
Pirelli 123 + 500 – Medium voltage + SCADA 2020-06-01T14:27:53+00:00
Pirelli 122 + 500 – Medium voltage 2020-06-01T14:29:02+00:00
FM Logistic – fire warning system 2020-06-01T14:30:59+00:00
FM Logistic – Low voltage and weak current electrical installations 2020-06-01T10:26:43+00:00
HVAC + Electrical Mahle 5A installations 2020-06-25T07:15:59+00:00
Cornu Romania Electrical Installation 2020-06-01T11:31:36+00:00
Hall 410 change within production hall 2020-06-01T11:35:26+00:00
Electrical installations for FM Logistic Petrești B19 2020-06-01T11:39:12+00:00
Eltrex references between 1999-2014 – Electrical Panels 2020-06-25T13:43:01+00:00