Continental AP – Installation the new RTO

Continental Automotive Timisoara has invested in a new project meant to neutralize the emissions from the rubber mixing zone of its tire factory in Timisoara. The new equipment is called RTO – Regenerative Thermal Oxidation and destroys volatile organic compounds (molecules responsible for most odors) that appear in the production process, by oxidizing them at high […]

ONEJOON – Kiln for manufacturing Ceramic blocks – Belgium

The project consisted in mounting and commissioning of the electrical installation for automation of a new electrical kiln type “pusher kiln” and the related conveyor system, for the most important manufacturer of ceramic blocks in the world.  1 kiln 49 m lenght consisting of 1 pre-heating area, 14 heating areas and 1 cooling zone 1 hydraulic […]

Continental AP – Freecooling Extrusion Lines

The project consisted of performing a new energy efficient installation, which provides cold water for 7 tire extrusion lines.  Stages of the work:   Construction of a metal platform above the production hall  Installation of 1 chiller with a cooling capacity of 910 kW and a cooling tower for summer. In the winter season the cooling of the water – which goes to machines is […]

Pre-treatment line and industrial kilns

Design and execution of electrical panels, installation on site  Design of electrical panels using Eplan P8, according to the standards of our clients, for:    3 pre-treatment areas – Vorbehandlungsanlage (VBH)   1 drying area – Haftwassertrockner (HWT)   1 kiln – Pulvereinbrennofen (PEO)   Conveyor system   AHU (air handling unit), boilers, etc.   Production of the electrical panel in our workshop in Romania   Purchase and delivery of materials in Germany  […]

Agasi – Continental AP – Redevelopment of sorting – palletizing line H4

Scope of work: build metal platforms for new equipment and the related electrical installations: Power installations, electrical energy distribution installations, protection installations, lighting installations, sockets Low currents electrical installations – fire detection and alarm system Design and execution of electrical panels, installation on site, software Design of electrical panels using Eplan P8, according to the […]

Azur – Raw material dosing installation

Pumping, dosing and measuring the quantities of raw materials of different densities used in the variousproduction processes. Dosing is done automatically according to the needs of the process. The monitoring and control of the whole process is done by an operator through a SCADA system. All information of interest is stored in a database, reports […]

Pirelli Tyres – Extend St3 and ST2

• Delivery, installation and connection of 4 transformers 20/0.4 kV; 2000 kVA• Production, installation and commissioning of the monitoring and protection panels for transformers• Monitoring and control of MV cells and transformers based on the SCADA platform• Protection settings of protection relays for medium voltage cells• Measurements and tests

Atlantis Engineering – Electrical panels and BMS Hall 7

Low voltage electrical panel 5000 A – general distribution Secondary switchboards: consumer supply Electrical cabinets for automation and monitoring for: production hall lighting installation – DALI system safety lighting installation UPS ventilation installation air conditioning installation Energy consumption monitoring – SCADA platform

BMS Phillip Morris

For the cigarette manufacturer, Eltrex installed approximately 450 field equipments: sensors and actuators. Approximately 10000 tags are taken over in SCADA platform; for the hardware realization of the automation system, Siemens PLCs from the S7-300 and S7-400 series were used. The Eltrex team performed the automation of the air conditioning system and the pumping units, […]

Pirelli Tyres – Energy distribution panels ST9

Production, installation and connection of energy distribution, control and compensation cabinets – 4 x MDB Eaton XEnergy with 500 kVAr power factor compensation batteries. Acquisition in SCADA platform of the monitoring signals from electrical panels and energy compensation.