Logistics – Indoor and outdoor electrical installations hall D

Detail design, assembly, testing and commissioning, staff training, “As Built” documentation MDB manufacturing and installation: 1600 A, Isc = 25 kA, 1 x 1250 A output, 3 xi 100 A outputs, 2 x 250 A outputs, automatic source changeover system Secondary switchboards – production and installation: 3 switchboards for offices, 6 secondary switchboards for the […]

ONEJOON – Kiln for manufacturing Ceramic blocks – Belgium

The project consisted in mounting and commissioning of the electrical installation for automation of a new electrical kiln type “pusher kiln” and the related conveyor system, for the most important manufacturer of ceramic blocks in the world.  1 kiln 49 m lenght consisting of 1 pre-heating area, 14 heating areas and 1 cooling zone 1 hydraulic […]

Agasi – Continental AP – Redevelopment of sorting – palletizing line H4

Scope of work: build metal platforms for new equipment and the related electrical installations: Power installations, electrical energy distribution installations, protection installations, lighting installations, sockets Low currents electrical installations – fire detection and alarm system Design and execution of electrical panels, installation on site, software Design of electrical panels using Eplan P8, according to the […]

Eisenmann [NGK] – Enpol

Eltrex realized both components of the project: the process part consisting of 6 electrical panels and the conveyor part which included 8 electrical panels. To complete this project were used 80000 m of cables with conductor sections between 0.25 mm and 150 mm, including profinet and optical fiber, used to connect: • Resistors for heating electric kilns• Electrical motors, both […]

Pirelli Tyres – Extend St3 and ST2

• Delivery, installation and connection of 4 transformers 20/0.4 kV; 2000 kVA• Production, installation and commissioning of the monitoring and protection panels for transformers• Monitoring and control of MV cells and transformers based on the SCADA platform• Protection settings of protection relays for medium voltage cells• Measurements and tests

Cornu Boulangerie – Production hall line 52

         Low voltage electrical installations: • Earthing system• Lightning protection system• Lighting installations• Sockets• Equipment supply (dock gates, air conditioning installations, heating installations, etc.)• Production hall – power installation• Pump house – power and control installation• Outside lighting installations Electrical panels • Power station electrical panels• Signal and control electrical panels Low […]

Continental AP – HVAC Cutting, Calandering, Extruder

Metallic structures Execution and installation of 6 platforms to support AHUs, with a total weight of 140 tons of galvanized steel. The platforms are mounted on the outside, their legs being built inside the hall either by lining the existing concrete pillars. or by installing new pillars. HVAC 6 x AHUs of 45000 m³/h, 3 […]

FM Logistic – Electrical installations for pharmaceutical storage

• Main distribution board (1600 A) and secondary switchboards• Installation and cabling of 300 kVA diesel generator• Aspiration fire detection system for storage area and smoke detectors in office areas and technical areas• Low currents installations – voice-data network and access control system• Electrical installations for refrigeration and air conditioning systems