Continental AP – Installation the new RTO

Continental Automotive Timisoara has invested in a new project meant to neutralize the emissions from the rubber mixing zone of its tire factory in Timisoara. The new equipment is called RTO – Regenerative Thermal Oxidation and destroys volatile organic compounds (molecules responsible for most odors) that appear in the production process, by oxidizing them at high […]

Continental AP – Freecooling Extrusion Lines

The project consisted of performing a new energy efficient installation, which provides cold water for 7 tire extrusion lines.  Stages of the work:   Construction of a metal platform above the production hall  Installation of 1 chiller with a cooling capacity of 910 kW and a cooling tower for summer. In the winter season the cooling of the water – which goes to machines is […]

Continental AP – HVAC Cutting, Calandering, Extruder

Metallic structures Execution and installation of 6 platforms to support AHUs, with a total weight of 140 tons of galvanized steel. The platforms are mounted on the outside, their legs being built inside the hall either by lining the existing concrete pillars. or by installing new pillars. HVAC 6 x AHUs of 45000 m³/h, 3 […]

Continental AP – Creel Room Automation

Temperature and humidity automatic control in the production halls and warehouse through an air handling unit, chiller, other mechanical installation, BMS, SCADA WinCC platform. Scope of work: achieving an optimal environment (temperature and humidity) for tire production materials. Project’s content: performing mechanical works, electrical works, architecture works for automation system, software development, commissioning.

Mahle – HVAC and electrical installations for H5A

• Detail design, installation, tests and measurements, commissioning• MV/LV substation, 2000 kVA transformer, MDB 4000 A, secondary switchboards – 15 pieces• Normal and safety lighting installation; over 400 lighting fixtures• Fire detection and alarm system, burglary system, access control system, video surveillance system, voice-data network, public address system• HVAC installations, composed of AHUs, chillers, heating […]