Eltrex is certified by ANRE for the design and execution of low and medium voltage electrical installations (0,4 – 20kV), which is one of the main directions of development. Also, our company is certified by ANRE and ISC for performing tests and measurements in electrical installations.

Eltrex has built its reputation in the domain of electrical installations based on proven expertise in electrical systems design and execution for companies in Romania and abroad.

For two decades, our company has been providing complete solutions, works and electrical engineering services for civil and industrial projects, as well as direct support to industrial customers for all aspects related to the optimal operation and efficiency of electricity consumption.

For us, quality comes first. Our experts guarantee the work performed, as well as the products and solutions provided.

Our wide international expertise covers the following categories of works and services

We carry out industrial entrepreneurship projects for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) package.

Based on 20 years of experience and on more than 100 major projects, Eltrex offers complete enterprise services in the field of electrical and HVAC installations. We careful plan the projects, in order to guarantee you the highest quality level and the execution of the works within the time frame, according to the contractual conditions.

The services we offer:

  • Project management and cost analysis
  • Technical design, execution design, “as built” documentation
  • Material acquisition and management needed for the project
  • Execution by own project or by client project
  • Test reports, certificates of conformity and warranty certificates issuance
  • Commissioning
  • Staff training
  • Service and maintenance during warranty and post-warranty

We offer design, execution and commissioning services for electrical substations. The main works considered are: 20 kV power lines, medium voltage cells, 20 / 0.4 kV transformers, general distribution board for low voltage.

The connection between the electricity sources and the consumers is ensured by the electricity transmission and distribution installations. We offer consulting services, design, execution and installation of low and medium voltage electricity distribution installations for civil and industrial buildings.

We provide design, execution and commissioning services for all types of safety installations: safety lighting, earthing, lightning protection, equipotentialization, etc. The installations are made using modern materials in accordance with the legal and technical norms that apply.

We design and execute low current electrical installations adapted to the needs and specific features of each project. Our specialists have expertise for all types of low current installations, for civil or industrial buildings: fire detection and warning, burglary detection and warning, access control, video surveillance, sound, structured voice / data cabling.

We put at your disposal teams of engineers with experience in carrying out complete electrical installations projects within the industrial, commercial or residential field.

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We execute design, assembly and commissioning for

  • 20 / 0.4 kV Substations, including SCADA
  • Indoor and outdoor electrical installations for electricity distribution, power consumers and lighting for civil or industrial buildings
  • Lighting upgrade. Replacement of classic illuminators with new ones, on LED and with automatic consumption monitoring, control and system optimization
  • Safety installations – safety lighting, earthing, lightning protection, equipotentialization

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