Electrical panels are an important part of the integrated solutions we offer to our customers and are always in line with the quality standards we aim. Electrical switchboards are the vital element of any electrical installation that ensures the power supply and safe operation of all consumers.

Through the design process, choosing and integrating only quality components, testing and measurements procedures according to norms and training the operating staff, we make sure that the final solution is in accordance with the beneficiaries’ needs and requests.

We offer a wide range of services

  • electrical switchboards design
  • electrical panels execution
  • test reports, certificates of conformity and warranty issuance
  • commissioning or commissioning assistance
  • training for the operating staff
  • maintenance and use manuals elaboration
  • service and maintenance during warranty and post-warranty

Design, execution, commissioning, maintenance of electrical panels

Distribution switchboards are elements of electrical installations that ensure the distribution of electricity from substations to secondary switchboards or powered installations. The switchboards integrate specific elements of protection, measurement and control of electricity from the source to the point of use.

We design and execute general switchboards for electricity distribution up to 5000A, with power from one or more power sources, provided with AAR (Automatic Reserve Anchoring) and with monitoring the main electrical parameters in the SCADA system.

We offer design, assembly, testing, start-up and service for electrical panels in accordance with customer requirements and regulations.

Reactive power compensation boards are needed to improve the power factor by compensation the reactive with the help of a capacitor banks set.

Automatic reactive energy compensation equipment integrates the following main components:

  • compensation capacitors
  • anti-resonance / antharmonic coils
  • power factor controller

Power factor compensation improves the operation of electrical installations and has the following advantages:

  • cost reduction for electricity bill
  • loss reduction for active power
  • improving local voltage level by producing local reactive power
  • increase the charging capacity with active power of energy installations
  • low maintenance costs

In the industrial environment, automation systems have the role of improving labour productivity and ensuring increased reliability and safety in operation.

We design and execute electrical panels for the automation of industrial processes, automation of machines, control and protection of motors, all produced and tested in accordance with customer requirements and in accordance with the rules in force.

We successfully develop both new projects and works to modernize existing production capacities.

We have an experienced team of specialists for the design and production of electrical panels in accordance with European quality standards.

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