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    What is EcoFriendly

    EcoFriendly is a complete energy management system, whose role is to reduce and streamline energy consumption and turn the factory into a “green” factory. In order for the factory to be “EcoFriendly” it must install a consumption monitoring system that collects data from various meters, switch to LED lighting, automate HVAC systems, replace old engines. We offer both software solutions that can be added to the BMS (monitoring system, lighting automation, start / stop systems, etc.) and hardware solutions (modernization of equipment, reactive energy compensation systems).

    Reducing energy consumption with EcoFriendly

    Energy consumption monitoring allows you to get a detailed picture of energy consumption in order to adapt business processes for optimal energy efficiency. In addition, energy monitoring allows informed decisions to be made about future investments in cars, lighting, building occupancy, production, etc. Setting up adequate measures will increase energy performance and reduce energy costs (the reduction can be up to 15% from energy consumption, depending on the measures taken).

    Slide 1. MONITORING

    Monitoring consists of reading, displaying, generating reports, graphs and alarms, archiving energy consumption over a long period of time using a dedicated software system.

    - Automate the process of reading meters and calculating costs for electricity, gas, water consumption

    - Centralize data in a single computer and archive it on long-term

    - Identification of key consumers, consumption patterns and system disruptions

    - Generating reports on-demand or automatic, which can be used by management to calculate energy costs, to associate costs with production or to generate realistic forecasts

    - Creating a solid foundation for a complete energy management system and generating "raw material" for the analysis stage


    The analysis consists in interpreting the data obtained through monitoring. Our experience is very important at this stage in identifying the main consumers and areas where there are energy losses.

    - Examination of data obtained using the monitoring system

    - Identify technical solutions to reduce energy consumption / costs


    Optimization consists of implementing the solutions identified in the analysis, tracking the results and adding corrections whenever the monitoring system indicates it is needed. Optimization measurements can vary, but the following solutions are most commonly applied:

    - Automate and optimize the operation of HVAC installations, lighting, etc.

    - Replacing some consumers with newer, lower-consumption ones

    - Start / stop systems for machines and any energy consumer

    - Modernization of high-consumption equipment

    EcoFriendly is more than a software product, is a package of services for optimal energy efficiency

    To determine what software and hardware solutions are needed, we provide consulting services
    to analyze and identify the best measures to reduce energy consumption

    Efficient electrical engines

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    LED lighting

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    Start/stop systems

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    HVAC automation and optimization

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    What does ETSYS EcoFriendly software solution offer

    • Acquisition of data from energy and utility meters settled in the offer
    • View in teal-time the collected data, both in a graphical and a written format
    • Archiving data frequently, over a long period of time, in an SQL database
    • Possibility to view data from the past, for a period chosen by the user
    • The analysis of archived data in order to calculate average consumption values
    • Calculation of costs with active, reactive energy and other calculations adapted to customer requirements
    • Identifying consumption patterns in the system
    • Marking and archiving unforeseen events with local alarms in the software
    • Generating reports, automatically or on request, in excel or pdf format
    • View by consumer type or by factory area

    Why Ignition platform is the first option?

    Ignition is part of the new generation of SCADA platforms and comes out with some new features that offers an advantage over other platforms.

    Scalability and flexibility

    • You are not limited by the number of tags, which means that once the server license is purchased, the software can be expanded with no additional cost.
    • Customers are launched very easily and there is no need to install dedicated drivers or programs.
    • The system is modular, allowing the addition of new modules.
    • In case of a rapid evolution, you can also purchase the package with unlimited customers, which can greatly reduce costs.

    High connectivity

    • The platform is optimized to communicate with SQL databases and does not use “closed” databases like most SCADA solutions do.
    • Allows easy connection to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) systems.
    • It can communicate with any field element (PLCs, gateways, sensors, etc.) via OPC.

    Have you established yet your energy performance management strategy? At any stage you may be in the process, we are here to help you.

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    EcoFriendly is a module ETSYS

    ETSYS is a modular, scalable, modern system in line with the new trends in industrial software. We use the latest technologies and platforms, which means that the applications we develop are more flexible, easier to integrate into ERP (enterprise resource planning) management systems and more graphically friendly.

    Along with the other four modules – Intelligent, Efficient, Safe and HealthyEcoFriendly model completes the software package ETSYS.

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