Project Description

For the cigarette manufacturer, Eltrex will install approximately 450 field equipment: sensors and actuators. Within the project, approximately 10,000 tags are undertaken in SCADA, and for the hardware realization of the automation system, we use Siemens PLCs from S7-300 and S7-400 ranges.

The Eltrex team will automate the air conditioning system and pumping units which involves: 17 units with capacities between 12,500 and 53,000 cubic meters, 2 chiller units and 2 cooling tower units. Also, the installation will take signals from the electrical installation such as: switching states, electricity consumption, etc.

Within the project, Eltrex will execute works for:

  • Creating automation tables related to the HVAC automation system
  • Installation of sensors and actuators related to the HVAC system
  • Wiring sensors, actuators
  • Achieving local automation of CTAs, chillers and cooling towers
  • SCADA platform – the development of software that takes data from the field, displays it and allows remote control of elements in the field
  • ”Go live”