Project Description

NGK8 is an Eisenmann project that involves the construction in Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland, of a new heat treatment plant for ceramic filters used in the automotive field at the car exhaust system. During the project, Eltrex will deal with electrical automation installations for 3 production lines, consisting individually of 4 furnaces: 2 electric (Sintering) and 2 gas (Roller Kiln and Debindering). Each of these 3 groups consists of conveyors – the transport mechanism of the raw material.

The Eltrex team will take care of both components of the project, the process part which includes 6 electrical panels and the conveyor part which includes 8 electrical panels for each production line:

To complete this project, the use of 80,000 meters of cables with sections of conductors between 0.25 mmp is anticipated and 150 mmp., including profinet and optical fiber, which will be used in the power supply of:

  • Heating resistors for electric ovens
  • Engines, both in the process part (fans) and in the conveyor part (motors that engage the movement mechanism of the conveyors)
  • Burners for the gas ovens
  • Devices that control the technological process of the whole mechanism (differential pressure switches, thermocouples, pressure sensors, valves of ventilation systems, solenoid valves that control the flow of air and gas, respectively, in the combustion process)
  • Sensors located on the entire conveyor to monitor and streamline the technological process
  • Proximity sensors that minimize the probability of accidents during production