Project Description

  • Power Station: MT cells, Transformers (1600 kVA, 1000 kVA, 2500 kVA) and LV Main Distribution Boards.
  • Secondary power distribution panels – 48 pcs.
  • Normal and safety lighting installations – over 2000 lamps.
  • Ups Backup and Diesel generator (1100 kVA) that provides continuous power to vital consumers in the event of a power blackout.
  • Electrical lighting installations and sockets for the clean rooms.
  • The lighting system and motion sensors are integrated in the BMS system through DALI protocol. Thus, there is no need to use the light switches and the intensity of the light can be controller from the BMS server.
  • Labeling, testing, testing reports, commissioning.
  • AS Built documentation and Construction Book.