In the field of electrical installations and industrial automation we provide complex and complete, turnkey services, starting from the design phase, continuing with the production, installation, commissioning and staff training. An important part of our services is the warranty and post-warranty service for the entire life of the equipment.

We perform both optimization and rehabilitation works as well as implementations of new projects, fully automated, for various industrial fields.


With 20 years experience of successfully completed national and international projects, we offer our clients consulting services to set up any type of industrial electrical installations. The consultancy within the electrical installations field aims to support choosing the optimal solution from a technical and economic point of view, in accordance with the client’s requirements and needs. We offer advice on the feasibility of a project in order to identify viable alternatives, giving the client the opportunity to choose the optimal solution.

Eltrex offers consulting services both for the construction of new electrical installations and for the modernization and rehabilitation of the existing ones in order to reduce energy consumption, increase productivity or reduce operating costs.

Concept development

We are involved in all stages of the projects for industrial electrical installation, starting from concept development to implementation, so we can deliver high-performance solutions to the highest standards. We aim to design and develop high-performance and viable solutions that meet the needs and requirements of our customers in order to provide high energy efficiency projects that do not generate high investment costs, maintenance and operation over time. We analyze in detail the specifications, we thorough inspect your locations to identify the existing needs and conditions. These findings and information are used by our developers and designers to create a tailored concept and the best configuration of equipment and installations.


The most important part of a new electrical system is the design phase. It is essential that the electrical system is properly designed at this early stage to ensure that it will be efficient and reliable. We will communicate with you throughout the design process to ensure that your requirements are met.

Our team of specialists has extensive experience in the design activity within the field of industrial electrical installations. The installations are systematically designed, harshly and carefully checked in order to allow in practice the optimal implementation.

Our Design Department will not only provide you with design and development, but will fully oversee the entire project. We will check the accuracy and quality of the project, ensuring the correct start-up of the entire equipment. We will also develop and provide all the necessary documents.

We use advanced software such as AutoCAD or Eplan to plan our electrical systems. Thereby, we can have the project overview, find out what are the physical requirements so we can plan a system.


We execute turnkey industrial electrical installations projects, including complex industrial automations, SCADA systems. The key to success for these complex projects lies in the proper project management, technical coordination, use of quality materials and last but not least in an experienced and trained team to face the challenges. We respect the requirements of the contracts in terms of performance, costs, time, quality and customer satisfaction.

All equipment is tested and delivered with the CE marking, in accordance with the active reference regulations and with the specific requirements of each project.

Our company can ensure maximum reliability, professionalism and compliance in the execution of electrical equipment and installations, the quality we deliver is one of our points of excellence.

As Built

Our team prepares “As Built” documentation which includes and respects the actual electrical installation work’s stages.

The “As Built” documentation is made during the project works and is updated post-execution and at the start-up phase, in accordance with the reality on the ground. This is because throughout the execution and the start-up process, there are natural changes to the initial concept – additional requirements of the beneficiary, unforeseen situations, revisions, site provisions, missing details from the initial project, various mistakes.


We offer turnkey projects, from technical consulting to commissioning, as well as constant support to our customers during the operation of the equipment delivered by our company.

The commissioning operation of the installations is performed by experienced professionals, fitted with first quality equipment and instruments, in accordance with the installed equipment. We must mark all devices and connections with labels and descriptors to ensure easy identification of the installations’ elements.

Staff training

We train our client’s staff, so they get accustomed to the facilities and the equipment from technical point of view and regarding service and preventive maintenance.

All delivered equipment and installations may be accompanied by training programs for personnel interested in the correct use and maintenance of electrical equipment and installations, in order for them to understand the products, the technological and functional characteristics.

Staff training can take place during the commissioning phase of the equipment but also periodically, for the equipment that requires scheduled maintenance activity.

Also, we include in our services the delivery of documents that facilitate the efficient use of the executed installations:

We will elaborate for you:

  • Technical project and final “As Built” documentation
  • Operating, maintenance and safety instructions
  • Risk Assessment Documentation

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

Our work does not end with the delivery of the project, as we remain with you through complete warranty and post-warranty maintenance services, for all equipment and installations delivered.

We have specialized technical personnel, certified by the manufacturing companies for maintenance, coordination and execution, overhaul and repair works of all electrical equipment and machinery during both the warranty and post-warranty period.

Statistically, a high percentage of repairs can be prevented, so we ensure a planned, periodic maintenance activity based on a service contract, according to the specifications within the technical documentation of the equipment. With the help of a planned regular maintenance, better cost control can be ensured and losses caused by failures can be reduced. These works ensure the continuous operation of the production flow, the simple check of the equipment can prevent the occurrence of unforeseen expenses.

We are at your disposal for the design and implementation of industrial automation equipment and electrical installations!

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