We love engineering

We are specialists in the design and execution of electrical installations and industrial automation.
Our company was established in Timisoara, in 1999, with the clear objective of delivering prompt services and quality products to our customers.

We build up our reputation on the local market, then expended on the national market, after which we naturally stepped towards the international market, where we offer professional solutions for some of the most important multinational companies.

Our engineers are at your disposal for the design and construction of a professional, efficient and secure electrical installation.

Quality, promptness and professionalism are the strengths that recommend us together with our services. Eltrex teams respond promptly, with customized solutions tailored to the particular needs of customers. We analyze, design, build and test, so that when we submit a project, the client will be able to benefit from its maximum efficiency.

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Our values

Our success is ensured by the following fundamental values:


Regardless of the level at which they operate, people contribute to the vitality and reputation of our company. We want Eltrex to be a pleasant place to work, where people are inspired to reach their potential and grow on all levels. We promote an atmosphere of friendship, understanding, innovation and responsibility. We are truly a team, we support each other, we help each other, we continuously develop as people and we feel great together.


We wish the relationships with the client companies we work with to be sustainable, warm and to evolve towards the newest and most efficient industrial technologies. The biggest achievement for us is customer satisfaction, who reach us again for technological upgrades or recommend us to other partners. Together with our clients, we wish to place Romania as a point of interest on the international industrial map.

Permanent development

Good resource management as well as reinvesting a significant part of the profit is the main source of development of our company.


We aim to align with the latest direction in terms of streamlining the production process, recognized as “Industry 4.0”. Our company thus becomes an important Industry 4.0 landmark in Romania by unifying digital technologies and the Internet with conventional industry.


We aim to gain the largest possible market share for electrical installations and automation through the quality of the products and the reliability we provide to our customers.
By offering complete, turnkey solutions, increasing the level of professionalism, continuous improvement and standardization of the way of working, we aim to increase efficiency and profitability, ensuring the basis of future development for the company, for each employee and for our business partners.


Together with our suppliers in Europe, we want to bring in Romania as soon as the latest technologies and industrial trends so that the Romanian industry can position itself at a competitive level on the international market..


We are actively, openly and responsibly involved in the sustainable development of the community we activate in, through sponsorships and active participation in social responsibility events.

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